Collaborators!! Everywhere!!!

Yes, all that childhood exposure to the Daily Fail(cheers Dad!) is now finally seeping through into my consciousness!

What the title really means is that tonight, here at The Rake, Londons Amatuer Brewing community is being well and truly celebrated in the form of Tom Greasley.

Having won the London and the South East Craft Beer Competition, Greasley has collaborated with the popular Kernel Brewery in Bermondsey to produce a 6% Red IPA.

We have the awesome pleasure of launching the beer right here at The Rake from 6.30pm this evening, so if your weekend wasn’t long enough, come on down to the bar this evening and help us drink two 30 Litre Key kegs.

Tom Greasley and Evin O’Riordan will both be here this evening so you can ask them as many questions as you like about the winning brew!

See you in the bar later!


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2 Responses to Collaborators!! Everywhere!!!

  1. Small correction Glyn, I do believe Tom won the ‘London And South East Craft Brewing Competition’ which is a slightly larger area than South East London (cf. ) . None the less, very exciting! I’ll see you this evening!

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