Cumbrian Beer Festival

Good afternoon folks,

First of all, thanks to all who supported the recent London Beer Week at the Rake! Now it’s time to give you all a heads up concerning another exciting event we have planned – our Cumbrian Beer Festival. It begins on Friday 29 April at 12 noon, and we will be featuring 19 casks and 3 kegs, 22 beers all in all, from five of Cumbria’s most celebrated breweries.

We will be showcasing on keg, Hardknott’s Queboid, Cumbrian Legendary’s Croglin Vampire, and Coniston’s Thurstein Pilsner. On cask, we will have the following:

Hardknott – Atomic Narcissus, Infra Red, Cool Fusion, Continuum

Hawkshead – Brodies Prime Reserve, Citrillo, Organic Stout, Windermere Pale, Lakeland Gold

Coniston – Bluebird Bitter, Special Oatmeal Stout, Coniston IPA

Cumbrian Legendary – Loweswater Gold, Grasmoor Dark Ale, American Invasion

Stringers – Victoria IPA, Mutiny, Hop Priest, Yellow Lorry

An exciting line-up, as I’m sure you’ll all agree. Join us from the 29th to try these fantastic beers!

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2 Responses to Cumbrian Beer Festival

  1. Smoz says:

    Without pandering to stereotypes, I imagine that there is a significant crossover between lovers of real ales and people who have an interest in engineering/railways. The people who fall into this particular venn diagram category are in for a double treat if they go along as the bridge that will carry the extra tracks through London Bridge station will be slid into place over Borough High Street next weekend.

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