It’s been a bit of a rollercoaster recently. Since the Welsh Beer Festival at the start of March, it feels like our feet haven’t really touched the ground!


Last Week we had the Launch of Project Venus’ Venus Jade and the Brewdog Avery, Brown, Dredge Imperial Pilsner. This week it’s out London beer week. We’ve met several brewers already who have signed the wall and we have the nice folks at Meantime coming in this evening. Tomorrow night we’re hosting Jasper and Co from Camden Town brewing and Thursday see the Windsor & Eton peeps join us to do the London launch of their Royal wedding beer, The Windsor Knot. It’s all going on at the moment and the good news for me is that I have some annual leave coming up at the end of this week.

But just because I’m not here doesn’t mean it all comes to a grinding halt, oh no…One of my Team Leaders, Chris is busy organising a Cumbrian beer weekend for the end of April (29th – 1st May). Now some of these beers are rarely seen outside London and it’s an ideal opportunity for you all to completely ignore the Royal wedding and come drink some great craft beer!


We advertised for staff late last week and we’re still looking at CV’s, so if you are looking for work, or you know someone that is looking for work in the craft beer business then send them my way.


The ever popular Motley Brew (That wot I helped brew at Otley Brewing Co)has gone through it’s final transformation and is now finished(we think), The final version is dry hopped with 140g of Columbus Hops in each firkin and we have two Casks in the Warehouse at the moment and I look forward to hearing your thoughts on it. It should be on some time next week if I remember to order it before I go away.

So until next time. Adios!


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One Response to Updates.

  1. Mark says:

    140g in each cask! Niceeee….

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