Draught Kernel at The Rake

Yup, you read correctly, Evin O’Riordan, Kernel Brewer Extraordinaire was on hand yesterday to answer questions and take feedback on the Casks and Kegs that he had sent to The Rake. This was a second attempt at producing draught products for Evin and he along with everybody that turned up, was very pleased with the result.

On Draught last night we had…

Pale Ale with Nelson Sauvin Hops (Cask) 4.7%

IPA with Citra Hops (Keg) 6.2%

IPA with Nelson Sauvin Hops (Keg) 6.2%

Pale Ale with Centennial & Amarillo Hops (Cask) 4.7%

The night was so successful that the Cask of Pale Ale with Nelson Sauvin has sold out already and the other cask with the Amarillo & Centennial is well on the way to being emptied too! The kegged IPA with Citra also sold out last night!

So get down here soon if you want to get the Kernel on draught, I have to say it’s well worth it. Manager’s pick of the night was the cask made with Amarillo & Centennial. Superbly balanced beer that I want more of!!

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