South West Beer Fest

Like the most hardy adventurous explorers from the old days(you know when the world was flat n’all that), my Deputy Dawg Tom South has scoured the south west region of this green and pleasant land to find some of the best craft beers around for your enjoyment.

We will be showcasing these casked, kegged and bottled tasty treats at The Rake from 31st October until 6th November on the decking, in the bar and on the Utobeer cage too!

Here’s the list of breweries and beers we’ll be showcasing…

Bristol Beer Factory –

Exhibition & Red(Cask) plus one other special on cask.

Mountain Goat and Bristol Stout (Bottle)

Bath Ales –

Barnstormer, Ginger Hare & Festivity(Cask)

Dark Side, Gem & Bounders (Keg)

Golden Hare, Gem & Wild Hare (Bottle)

O’Hanlons –

Port Stout & Stormstay (Cask).

Exe Valley –

Baron’s Hopsit & Autumn Glory (Cask)

Country Life –

Golden Pig & Black Boar (Cask)

Devonshire 10 (Bottle)

Jolly Boat –

Free Boat & Plunderer (Cask)


Moor –

JJJ IPA, Hoppiness & Raw(Cask)

Peat Porter & Somerland Gold (Keg)

Old Freddy Walker & Merlins Magic (Bottle)

Yeovil Ales –

Stargazer & Stout(Cask)

Lizard Ales –

Helford River(Cask)

Horseshoe Special, French Cap & An Gof(Bottle)

Kelteck –

Mr Murdoch’s IPA & Even Keel (Cask)

Keltech King (Bottle)

Wooden Hand –

Cornish Mutiny (Cask)

Cornish Steam (Bottle)

Blackawton –

Head Strong (Cask)

Coastal –

Merry Maidens Mild & Handliner (Cask)

Butcombe –

Brunel IPA (Cask)

Butcombe Blonde (Keg)

Bays –

Devon Dumpling (Cask)


East Street Cream (Cask)

Arbour Ales –

Oyster Stout (Cask)

Isle of Purbeck

Fossil Fuel (Cask)

Dorset Piddle –

Silent Slasher & Yogi (Bottle)

Art Brew –

Tempest Stout & Dark Brut/I Brew (Cask).

We are also doing a range of ciders from the region as well, here they are :

Cornish Orchards Medium Farmhouse & Farmhouse Pear Perry

Green Valley – Oat Conditioned

Black Rat Black Rat Cider.

So this is going to be a massive event, 33 cask ales in one week as well as kegs and bottles too, look out for a meet the brewer event or two as well for a truly massive beer festival!

Hope to see you there!

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