A School of Hardknotts!

Terrible pun aside I have some exciting news for the beer community.

Dave Bailey, Brewer of the Hardknott beers, got to talking a couple of months ago and decided that it would be great if we could get his beers at The Rake for a kind of London launch. And so it is!

On Monday 28th June, from 4pm onwards The Rake will be playing host to no less than four Hardknott beers on cask at once! On the list will be…

Light Cascade, 3.4% – A light session bitter with Cascade Hops in evidence.

Ginger Beer, 4% – Hardknotts take on a ginger beer, this has also apparently been infused with Chilli too now!

Continuum, 4% – A bitter that transcends time and space.

Stout, 4,5% – Stout to shout about!

Infra-Red, 6.2% – An IPA which is ‘hoppier than a bucket of frogs’!

There will also be bottles of :

Aether Blaec, 8%  – Dave’s take on the whisky ageing trend sweeping the beer world.

Granite, 10.4% – ‘A Barley Wine style beer for geological time scale ageing’!

This is the most exciting beer launch that The Rake has put on in a while and I for one think that it’ll be a massive success. The Geeks and Tickers will love it because they get to Rate/tick some beers, the Writers’ll love it because Dave is one of their own and we all want to see him succeed, my punters’ll love it because these are great beers and we hope that you too can join us for a night of good beer, good company and good times!

UPDATE : Monday 21st June : Have just been informed that due to a stock issue the Light Cascade will be unavailable, which is a shame but we’ll still have 4 excellent cask ales on sale for the event!

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4 Responses to A School of Hardknotts!

  1. andy mogg says:

    SOOOOOO wish i could make this, Dave and and are great characters and nice people to boot!

    They (Dave) makes some truley wicked beer, especially his Red IPA.

    Hope the night goes well for everyone involved.

  2. Chunk says:

    I should be there. Will probably be looking (and feeling) like a complete Zombie because it’s the day after Glastonbury, but what they hey.

    You need to sell flights!


  3. Tandleman says:

    If I wasn’t in the Isle of Man that day, I’d certainly have come to London. Been very curious about Dave’s beers for a while now.

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