Childish Pillocks or Demented Geniuses?

So Wednesday night we had the Brewdog gruesome twosome James Watt and Martin Dickie come to The Rake to do a presentation for ‘Women in Beer’ whatever that means.

So having not seen Martin in a while I invited him to sign out Brewers Wall and he took the opportunity to write something a wee bit childish and offensive on it. The offending saying has since been removed but even this morning I was still a little bit irked.

If you read this blog a couple of days ago you’ll know that we have today put on the Brewdog ‘Special Release’ Saison on the bar in celebration of the Tate Moderns 10th Anniversary.

So being my usual ‘inquisitive’ self I tasted a glass of the new Saison…Wow, absolutely amazing beer, Brewdog have done it again.

Like giggling naughty school boys that it’s impossible to stay mad at forever, these two Demented Geniuses have taken my ‘irkedness’ and dissolved it all in one sip. Irksome genius it might be but Genius all the same.

Happy Anniversary Tate Modern!


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